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Basic ThetaHealing

What a joyful few days are ahead of you as you learn the basics of The ThetaHealing® Technique . In this highly experiential class your instructor will lead you through a wonderful journey of learning and exploration as you:

  • learn the story of ThetaHealing's founder, Vianna Stibal
  • learn what a theta brainwave is and what happens in a theta state
  • learn about your energy system - the chakras, where they are and what they do and how to open and clear them
  • learn about the different ways to sense information - empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prophecy and others; learn what they are, how they work, and how to enhance your ability to access them
  • learn a bit about quantum mechanics and how it applies and supports the techniques of ThetaHealing® (Don't worry, you won't be bogged down by too much technical information; but, it will provide scientific support for ThetaHealing® and provide you with a base for further exploration, if you are interested.)
  • learn how to co-create your future and your reality
  • learn about the power of thought and how it impacts your reality
  • learn how to access the theta state easily
  • learn how to heal physical and emotional challenges for yourself and others
  • learn how to do an intuitive reading (even if you feel you are not intuitive)
  • learn how to do group healings
  • learn the four levels of beliefs; what they are, how they impact your daily life, how to access them, how to change beliefs held in each
  • learn the technique to check beliefs - whether you have a belief and, after a healing, whether it cleared
  • learn how to find the bottom belief upon which others are built
  • learn how feelings impact your beliefs and your reality (past the obvious)
  • learn how to obtain feelings you have never experienced
  • learn the most typical beliefs that block you from having and being all that you can be; locate them, change them and feel the difference
  • learn about the seven planes of existence - what they are and why you should know
  • learn how to connect with your Guardian Angel and connect with the angels of others to share messages
  • learn about the various types of spirits and how they might impact a healing
  • learn how to attract your soul mate and what a soul mate really is
  • learn about soul fragments - how to retrieve yours and return those that you have that belong to others
  • learn how to manifest; learn how to bring into your life everything you want
  • learn how to do a "future reading"

In addition to all this, you will:

  • have dormant DNA strands and chromosomes activated; the DNA activation allows humanity to survive the environmental poisons we create and accelerates our psychic senses.
  • have the Youth and Vitality chromosome activated
  • have the telomeres strengthened to reverse the aging process
  • learn about healing genes and changing the genetic programs for aging

Students typically find they have an increased sense of connection to the universal life force, the Creator, God, or whatever higher power the student embraces. You will uncover subconscious programs that might otherwise have taken years of psychotherapy to identify. Some of these will surely surprise you! Then, without having to re-live the event that seeded the program, the unharmonious beliefs and feelings can be easily pulled and new healthy and beneficial programs can be integrated into your understanding and awareness that work for your highest good rather than keeping you from your full potential. The results can be dramatic and life changing. And, they can be permanent. That's worth trying, don't you think?

Remember, all this is done by the Creator - the universal life force - and is facilitated by the practitioner, and in the class it will be overseen by the instructor. The practitioner (including fellow students) must have your conscious consent to facilitate the ThetaHealing® process. You are in charge of everything. So, you will be completely safe in every respect.

If all this sounds too amazing to be true, my personal testimonial is that it is indeed true. The work does need to be learned and practiced just like most anything new you try. But, you will learn a simple and easy technique that will always works on some level (the level you are ready for) and one that can be done anywhere at anytime (though some places are preferred over others!). So, congratulations on choosing a wonderful change for your life. Your investment will be worth it.

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All students will leave this class as Certified ThetaHealers®. New practitioners will be able to have their contact information listed on Vianna Stibal's ThetaHealing® website at no charge.