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The Theta Brainwave


Vianna Stibal, the founder of ThetaHealing®, noticed that she was entering a state of being that was different from the waking state when she conducted her healing sessions with clients. She began to take notice of how she achieved that state and found that she could relay and teach that process to others.  She originally called this process the "Orian Technique" but she changed the name to "ThetaHealing" later, after she found that she was entering the theta brainwave state while facilitating healings.


What are the brainwave frequencies?
For a comprehensive understanding of brainwaves, it would be best to consult any number of scientific journals.  For the purpose of understanding how ThetaHealing® works I will provide just the basics. 

Everything you do and say is governed by your brainwave frequencies. Though all of them are present at all times, one dominates at any given time. And, there are different levels of the dominant frequency.

There are five brainwave frequencies - beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma - that are constantly in motion.

  • Beta (14-28 cycles per second)
    this is the normal state for most people most of the time
  • Alpha (7-14 cycles per second)
    this is a relaxed and meditative state; it has been found that Reiki practitioners use this brainwave frequently when healing
  • Theta (4-7 cycles per second)
    a deep state of relaxation that happens right before sleep; when in this state, there is intense focus, creative inspiration, and a deep sense of the connectedness of all things - what many characterize as spirituality; this brainwave seems to bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious
  • Delta (0-4 cycles per second)
    this is the state when you are sleeping
  • Gamma (40-5000 cycles per second)
    this is a state of higher mental perception and understanding


What is important about the theta brainwave?
The theta brainwave state is the one you usually enter right before sleep. It's a deep meditative state; the state most often used in hypnosis. The theta brainwave state allows the practitioner to connect to Source energy - that energy that is called God, Yahweh, Buddha, Jesus, Goddess, Shiva, the Oneness, the Divine Light, Allah, or whatever name you feel connected to.  From this heightened state of awareness and connection, intuitive abilities are enhanced and information flows easily and readily.

In relation to the brainwaves, what happens during a ThetaHealing® session?
During a Theta healing, the practitioner will typically consciously switch back and forth between these states, excluding the state of Delta. Beta is when the practitioner is talking to the client. Alpha is when the practitioner is approaching the Theta state and then when the practitioner finishes the Theta healing and continues to talk to the client, still in a relaxed meditative state.

At the time the Theta healing actually occurs, Vianna Stibal (founder of ThetaHealing®) believes the practitioner is in a theta-gamma state which she believes is the most conducive to instantaneous healing. This state, the theta-gamma state, has been observed in people in times of emergency when time seems to be in slow-motion and you clearly see the full effect of the situation without panic. This is the place of creativity. This is the place of no limits to what can be achieved. This is the place where dreams begin their development into reality. This is the place of miracles.

Is it possible to achieve and hold the theta state easily and quickly?
One of Vianna's students questioned the ability to not only hold a theta brainwave state but to even be able to consciously and purposely get there. Vianna arranged to scientifically test for the theta brainwave by having a physicist use an electroencephalograph to test both herself and her students. The tests proved that not only was she reaching a theta state during the teaching of her class, but also that every student was also reaching the theta brainwave state when practicing in class. This was true even for her beginner students. And, interestingly enough, the students who were the receivers of the practice sessions during class were also reaching a theta brainwave state automatically.

Why is all this important?
All of this is important because when you come for a ThetaHealing® session, the practitioner will be accessing the theta brainwave state to help you. From this state, the practitioner will be able to connect to the Source energy to identify where there are limiting beliefs, what unhelpful feelings are impacting your thinking and experience, and where your Source energy is being blocked. The theta brainwave (and also the gamma brainwave) helps the practitioner connect to the needed information and to be able to facilitate a healing for you. But, don't worry. The healer will be able to talk to you and respond to you just like normal. He or she may take a moment to quietly make the connection to that brainwave state and to facilitate the healing but, typically he or she would just close his/her eyes and ask that you relax and enjoy the quiet for a minute.

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This is the place of creativity.
This is the place of no limits to what can be achieved. This is the place where dreams begin their development into reality.
This is the place of miracles.
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