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How to Choose a Healer


We make evaluations about people every day, multiple times. We take in information about their appearance, their voice, their demeanor, and other things.  And whether we realize it or not, we also take in information about their energy field. All this information goes to the brain where it is compared to our beliefs and subconscious programming. The brain then, as part of it's instinctive job to protect us, decides whether flight, fight, or acceptance is the appropriate response. If acceptance is the choice made, the brain then also determines the degree of acceptance.

What does all that mean? It means that you subconsciously evaluate people all the time.  That evaluation is then measured to what your conscious evaluation tells you.  It shows itself in how you feel about them when you don't even know them.  It means that when you are choosing a healer - any healer - you want to feel comfortable with them and your feelings will help guide you.

Choose healers like you would any other professional. What do you feel when you see their picture or hear their voice or read their website? Do you tense up or do you feel relaxed and comfortable? Do you like their personality? What type of training do they have? How much experience do they have? Have others recommended them? When you talk to them, are they well spoken and do they seem confident about the healing work and how they can help you?  You need to be able to trust the healer you choose. You need to feel confident that they know what they are doing and can help you make the changes you desire to make. You also want to feel that you are getting a good value for your time and money.

And, how do you know The ThetaHealing® Technique is what you need versus some other type of healing modality such as Reiki or flower essences or conventional medicine or psychotherapy or crystals or hypnosis or whatever?

There are many paths to health, happiness, and prosperity.  ThetaHealing® is one of those paths.  Since we are all different – we come from different environments, lifestyles, beliefs, and experiences – we may prefer one type of path over another.  Or, we may decide that none fit us perfectly and start to put together a unique path that combines component parts of many paths.  Educating yourself about the various ways to achieve wholeness and wellness and prosperity is the best way to determine what works best for you.

The ThetaHealing® Technique has no mantras, symbols to be used, or special sequences that have to be followed to achieve results. Compared to many other techniques, ThetaHealing® is very simple and straight-forward.  Experiencing ThetaHealing® first-hand is the best way to understand how powerful, yet simple, it is and to see how it is different from other healing modalities.

Follow your heart, your gut reaction and you will find the right path and the right healer for you. You should know that with ThetaHealing®, the practitioner is a facilitator and does not heal the client. The practitioner connects to the theta energy where he or she facilitates the change process that is done by the Source energy, the Creator of all There Is, the energy that is within each of us and all things. This energy is called by many different names - including God, Yahweh, Buddha, Jesus, Goddess, Shiva, the Oneness, the Divine Light, and Allah. The practitioner works with the life force energy to direct the changes needed based on the belief and feeling work and the heightened sense of intuition garnered from the theta energy state and the theta healing training he or she has taken.

Should you take a ThetaHealing® class, you will pull beliefs that block your intuitive abilities and beliefs that you may have that you can’t facilitate a healing or you can’t connect with Source energy directly.  ThetaHealing® practitioners will have already had those beliefs pulled. 

So, does that mean any ThetaHealer® will be completely healthy, vibrant, and have no issues to work on?  Well, that would be nice but the reality is that we are works in progress.  The more we do feeling and belief work, the more closely we become aligned with our inner truth, the true nature of our higher self or soul.  The truth is, if we had already accomplished that, our work here would be done. And, experience is a powerful teacher. Having issues to work on and then watching them resolve easily and quickly is a good motivator to continue to grow and learn and expand beyond what you are used to.   

Experience The ThetaHealing® Technique for yourself and then decide. You may well find that you enjoy the fast and easy results so much that you decide to learn how to facilitate The ThetaHealing® Technique for yourself and others!

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