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Choosing a Teacher

Chances are you've heard Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Greg Braedon, and others talk about an emerging new consciousness.  You've heard them discuss the implications for our life experience - coexistence in harmony and with cooperation worldwide. You've heard about this transformative direction on Oprah and watched demonstrations on YouTube and Fox News.  You've perhaps watched the movies "What the Bleep", " The Secret", "Down the Rabbit Hole", and others. Now, it's your turn.  It's your turn to become part of a higher consciousness, a larger picture of what you can be and what the world can be.  Thank you for joining us as we look to a bright future both personally and globally.

So, how do you choose a teacher?  Is it important?  In my opinion, yes it is!  You will be exploring depths of your mind and consciousness.  You will be learning new techniques.  Some of the concepts may be a stretch for you. 

You need a teacher who:

  • will enable you to feel completely safe
  • will enable you to be completely supported
  • who surrounds you with unconditional love
  • who is comfortable with where each of the students is in his or her comprehension, understanding, and ability to learn
  • who you can easily relate to
  • who you feel you can ask any question and you know the teacher is happy to answer and help you understand
  • who has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the materials
  • who will be able to explain the materials in a way that you can easily learn
  • whose belief in the work shines through
  • whose belief in you, the student, shines through with even more brilliance

That's what you need.  You should settle for nothing less.

People learn in different ways.  Some need the scientific proof up front.  Some need to actually perform a task and be able to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable.  Some need lots of repetition. Maybe you require all those things.  What do you need?  How do you best learn? 

Just as you make choices about the best ThetaHealer® for you, you should also consider making similar choices about who teaches you these important materials.  What you learn will be life changing. You want the best possible outcome.  You want to finish the class and feel confident that you can be a Theta healer for yourself and others.  Give your choice some consideration.  Don't let location or who you know be the only criteria you use to choose.  Go deeper.  Listen to your heart - your gut reaction. You'll know.  You're here reading this page for a reason.  Let the energy of that guide you as you make your choice.  And remember, the best teachers will facilitate the teaching just as they facilitate healings - they allow the energy of the Divine, the Creator, to flow through them to teach the class.  The energy of every class will be different.  The teaching of every class will be different. The energy that connects us is in tune with exactly what is needed and how the information needs to be presented. The responsibility of the teacher then is to listen to that Divine expression of understanding and merge that with the material to be taught for each class.  It is a beautiful and graceful dance.  You can learn the rhythm too!

Good luck to you as you embark on this journey of personal exploration and transformation.  And, those of us who practice and teach smile because we know luck has nothing to do with it!  Namaste.  Peace and light and love be with you on your journey.  May it be joyous, filled with fun, with many "ah-ha!" moments, and many opportunities to meet long-lasting friends and spiritual seekers.  Enjoy!

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