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What would it be like to expand your concept of boundaries - of reality as you currently experience it? What would it be like to know complete safety and uniqueness within the Oneness of all there is - connected totally and completely to all life with conscious awareness? What would it be like to live your daily life like that? Would you want to? DNA3 can show you how.

DNA3 takes all the skills used from the prerequisite classes and explores them at a deeper level - taking you to a more clear understanding of how ThetaHealing® works.  It is highly experiential with students working together to master the concepts and prepare themselves for a new way of relating to the world we live in.




Learn how to see boundaries in a new way.  Learn how to experience reality in a new way.  Learn how to live your life expecting miracles, manifesting miracles – and learning that they are not really miracles after all.  It’s the way life is without self-imposed limits.

Are you ready to...?

  • learn about the three Eternal Molecules
  • learn how to activate, align, and harmonize the three Eternal Molecules
  • learn how to activate the Eternal Molecules for others
  • learn how to work with the mitochondria for deeper clearings and healings
  • learn that the impossible is possible
  • learn how to step out of your paradigms
  • learn how to step outside of your current reality
  • learn how to see and understand the energy of our ancestors
  • learn a new way to connect to the Creator of all There Is
  • learn a new way to connect to the energy of others
  • learn how to feel a healing happening for yourself and others
  • learn how to instantly manifest what you want
  • learn how to move and change non-organic and organic matter
  • learn how to change the molecular structure of water
  • learn how to know the energy of organic matter
  • learn how to remove the force field that holds objects in place
  • learn how to create or re-create your future
  • learn about Divine timing
  • learn about spiritual bi-location and how to do it
  • learn more about how your thoughts and words influence your reality
  • learn about blessings
  • learn about which element is most prominent for you and why its important
  • learn how to master the elements
  • learn how to change the weather
  • learn which law is most important for you
  • learn more about tones and how they relate to healing and reality

If you're ready for a leap in consciousness, come join us.


Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing®, & Intuitive Anatomy
The more classes completed the better understanding and more prepared you will be for this class.  A person who practices ThetaHealing® every day and who has done extensive belief work, as taught in the prerequisite classes, will be best prepared for this class.

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