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Is there anyone who cannot receive a Theta healing?

Cannot is the operative word here.  Every person has the free will to choose to not accept a healing.  A general healing (a healing without doing the process to uncover beliefs supporting the issue needing healing) using the ThetaHealing® technique can be offered to anyone.  They then have the choice to accept it or not.  Some people choose not to heal because their malady serves them in some way.  Some people choose not to accept a healing because their subconscious beliefs bring up fear - perhaps a fear of change, perhaps a fear of the unknown, perhaps the fear of not feeling in control.  But, if a person does decide to accept a healing, for it to work, they need to believe in the possibility that it can.  And, usually, that means that on some level that person believes in a power greater than themselves.  That is needed for Theta healing work.  You also want a healing to be permanent.  Most times, for that to happen, the belief work needs to be a part of the healing process.

Will The ThetaHealing® Technique conflict with my religious beliefs?

Since The ThetaHealing® Technique is not a religion but a spiritual and energy healing practice, it does not conflict with any religion.  The ThetaHealing® Technique is a method of focusing and accessing the process of co-creation using the theta brainwave state. The theta brainwave state is the brainwave that you enter right before going to sleep and right before awakening.  It is that state that we call "being in the zone" where creative thought flows and we are able to easily understand complex issues.  It is where we drop our judgments of what is and is not possible; where we are able to envision and create new realities; where all the "I can't", "that won't work", "that's crazy!" thoughts are not even a consideration.  That's the state from which a ThetaHealer® connects to the Source energy - the energy that connects and is within all life - the energy talked about in every major religion.  Theta healers know that they do not do the healings.  They understand that the energy of the Divine, the Source energy, the Creator of all There Is energy does the actual healing.  That does not conflict with religious practice.

How does The ThetaHealing® Technique differ from other energy work?

Many forms of energetic healing use the Source energy channeled through the healer.  With The ThetaHealing® Technique, the Source energy goes directly to the person needing assistance.  The ThetaHealer® connects with Source energy, then connects with the client.  In effect, the energy of the Divine, the healer and the client all connect together.  Then the healer "watches" the healing take place without interference or "willing or making it happen".  Watching the experience or healing brings it into physical reality (this is tied into the current scientific understandings of quantum mechanics). The energy and healing are not channeled through the ThetaHealer® which, in turn, means that any biases, prejudices, and beliefs held by the healer are not impacting the healing for the client.  That is, with one exception. The practitioner must believe that this type of healing works. And, once you've experienced it for yourself, you'll understand why we do!

That said, The ThetaHealing® Technique is very complimentary to other types of energy work. Some people like to combine The ThetaHealing® Technique with Reiki. Reiki is a beautiful and gentle type of hands-on energy work with the energy flowing through the healer into his or her hands which are then positioned over the area of the client's body needing assistance (very simplistic explanation). The client can literally feel the heat generated.  By also incorporating the belief work of The ThetaHealing® Technique during a session, the client can make major changes while still experiencing a modality that they particularly enjoy. However, the same end result can be accomplished using only The ThetaHealing® Technique .  It's the client's choice what he or she wants and enjoys.

To me, one does not in any way exclude the other.  In fact, almost all true healing techniques are complimentary in some fashion.  A lot depends on the beliefs of both the healer and the client.  If they both agree that drumming is a good backdrop to healing, it will be.  If they both agree that electronic music gives them a headache, it most likely will.  So, be sure to find a healer whose healing techniques are complimentary to your known beliefs and expectations.  That's a sure measure of success!

How long will it take to see results?

Well, as much as you would like for me to tell you that only one session will be needed because a miracle is going to happen to you, I cannot.  However, I can state with certainty that you will shift and change based on your beliefs and what level of healing you are ready for and are willing to accept.  Typically, clients will feel a tingling in their body as the energy starts to shift; or they will feel happier and the burden of what was bothering them initially will be partially or completely lifted.  Sometimes, the healing and shifting continues to happen after the client leaves the session.  In those cases, the person will feel the most change a day or two later. If you don't feel any shift or change during the session, the ThetaHealer® will be checking for beliefs that you have that are keeping you from wanting to accept the healing.  What are you holding on to and why?  What are you afraid of?  Where is the disconnect between consciously wanting to change and subconsciously resisting?  Once those beliefs are uncovered, you will feel the results either physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  You may feel the shifts in all areas.  It depends on you.

Miracles do happen.  I've seen them.  I've been the recipient.  I've facilitated them.  I know they happen.  And, they can be possible for you if you are ready on all levels of your being to change.  If you are not or don't know if you are ready, that's fine.  The healer can do the belief work to help you get to the place in your beliefs and subconscious programming where you will be ready for a miracle; you will be ready for your life to change; you will be ready to create what you want in your life. Sounds great to me! 

Remember, that just as with conventional medicine, you need to get your expectations in line.  With The ThetaHealing® Technique a miracle is absolutely possible, a permanent positive shift will happen with time and true desire, and a healing will always happen every time - on some level, the level you are ready for.

You may think that since the Source energy - the energy of the Divine, the Creator of All There Is - is the one doing the healing that you should experience a miracle every time you have a Theta session.  And, it's possible.  But, you have free will.  You decide when and how you will heal.  If what you ask for conflicts with your underlying subconscious programming, you need to clear that first (the subconscious controlling the majority of your brain).  Your body and mind are wired into the subconscious.  We can find the beliefs that caused the energetic blocks that caused your issue.  We can clear those.  We can instill new and healthier beliefs.  We can unblock your energy.  But, if the issue serves you in some way, subconsciously you will not allow it to resolve.  That's a form of free will.  Don't worry though!  We can find out how it serves you, clear that, and then you will heal.  Will it happen in one session?  Maybe.  It's up to you.

For a person who has not experienced The ThetaHealing® Technique before, I'd suggest taking advantage of a multiple session discount (if the healer you choose offers that).  You've taken a lifetime to get to where you are in your life.  It may take just a bit of time to get you un-entrenched and ready to move forward.  But how joyful that day will be...

What do I need to do to prepare for a session?

The most important preparation is to decide ahead of time to be very honest with the healer about what you believe the issues are for you.  People don't generally like to talk about intimate personal problems to someone they don't know.  If that is what you need healed, it will be uncovered in the sessions.  However, your healing will happen so much more quickly if you can honestly express what the issue is and then honestly answer the questions that will come in the "digging" process. If you know you won't be comfortable doing that, keep searching for a healer until you find one that you trust and who is able to make you feel safe and secure. 

Ethically, the healer should never discuss your process with anyone else.  If you are uncertain about how your chosen healer feels about that, ask.  Feel comfortable with that.  It's important.  As healers clear their own blocks and beliefs, judgment becomes a non-issue.  You need healing; they want to help.  Your actions and reactions may be based on faulty subconscious beliefs from your ancestors!  DNA carries information from your ancestors going back seven generations. Or, you may have come to a faulty conclusion from a series of events experienced as a child.  That conclusion may have been running in the background of your mind for your entire life. 

For example, as a child you knew that each of your parents was very successful in his or her profession.  You also watched your parents fight with each other at home.  You might conclude from your child's view that if you are successful at work, you will fight at home.  Can you see how that faulty belief might impact your willingness to be successful at work? So, you made choices to limit your professional success.  Is that worthy of judgment?  Of course not!  As you progress as a ThetaHealing® practitioner/teacher, you begin to understand all issues from that type of perspective.  Find a healer that operates from that energetic space - one of unconditional love and acceptance. That's who you want.

It would be helpful to eat lightly.  Refrain from drinking alcohol if possible. Drink lots of water.  It is important to the process of energy testing to be hydrated.  Energy testing will show you what statements your body believes to be true - not necessarily what is true - just what it believes to be true based on the beliefs and programs stored in your subconscious mind.  So drink lots of water and have water available to drink during the session.

And, look forward to the experience!  You are getting ready to change your life experience for the better.  You are getting ready to release the heavy baggage of subconscious beliefs that no longer serve you in the highest and best way.  Imagine what a relief that will be!  Imagine a life where your beliefs support your vision of a better reality.  That's where you're headed.  Look forward to that!

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