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Basic ThetaHealing®


You are about to embark on a wonderful exploration of how you live in this life – why things happen to you, how you can direct your life, how you can heal your life.  Join us for 3 days of learning, exploration, and practice as you delve into the technique of ThetaHealing® in a safe, respectful, and fun environment.  Learn how to change your life and increase your intuitive abilities while enjoying yourself and others.  This course will change your life and, when complete, will certify you to use The ThetaHealing® Technique in your practice or competently with your friends and family and with your pets.  This Basic class will offer you over 20 hours of instruction and practice with others of like mind who want to learn and grow spiritually, and who choose to be healing facilitators of the Source energy.  We invite you on this sacred journey and offer you a learning space of unconditional love and joyous ah-ha moments.

You will learn about:

  • energy healing
  • your energy system
  • opening and unblocking your energy system
  • clearing your energy
  • protecting your energy
  • electromagnetic fields
  • cell communication
  • the origins of disease and disharmony
  • the history and origin of ThetaHealing®
  • how ThetaHealing® compares to other types of energetic healing
  • how science supports ThetaHealing®
  • co-creation and the co-creative process
  • brain waves and how to use them
  • planes of existence
  • the ThetaHealing® technique
  • the importance of your thoughts and words
  • how beliefs are formed
  • beliefs and how they impact you
  • how beliefs and disease coincide
  • subconscious beliefs
  • free- floating memories
  • how to identify beliefs – conscious, subconscious, others
  • how to find the bottom belief upon which all the others rest
  • the most typical beliefs and how they coincide with diseases
  • how to clear beliefs
  • how to download beliefs
  • why feelings are important to healing
  • how to obtain feelings you have never experienced
  • how to be a facilitator of healing
  • energy testing
  • cell healing
  • physical healing
  • emotional healing
  • mental healing
  • spiritual healing
  • group healing
  • relationship healing
  • energetic divorce
  • animal healing
  • world healing
  • earth healing
  • mass consciousness healing
  • healing on 4 levels of being – core, genetic, history, and soul
  • why some people do not heal and how to help them
  • healing your past
  • healing for your ancestors
  • resolving karmic debt
  • soul fragment retrieval
  • changing your DNA
  • genetic clearings
  • gene replacement
  • healing without depleting your own energy
  • healing without taking on obligations
  • adjusting brain chemicals
  • vows, oaths, contracts and how to release them
  • empathy
  • clairvoyance
  • clairaudience
  • clairsentience
  • prophecy
  • enhancing your intuitive abilities
  • how to know where information is coming from
  • how to know whether or not to trust what you receive
  • seeing the body intuitively (body scan)
  • intuitive readings
  • connecting to guardian angels
  • connecting to your soul family
  • spirit guides
  • identifying spirits and how they might impact a healing
  • identifying and removing entities and discordant energy
  • energy protection
  • remote viewing
  • finding your soul mate
  • how to manifest what you want
  • seeing your future
  • changing your future

In addition to all this, you will:

  • have dormant DNA strands and chromosomes activated; the DNA activation allows humanity to survive the environmental poisons we create and accelerates our psychic senses
  • have the Youth and Vitality chromosome activated
  • have the telomeres strengthened to reverse the aging process
  • learn about healing genes and changing the genetic programs for aging
  • learn nutritional and other tips to enhance your abilities

Certified ThetaHealer

You will be a certified ThetaHealer®
after the Basic class!

You are going to look back and be able to see how your life changed with this decision.  Congratulations!  I look forward to connecting with you!

In light and love and with Theta blessings of health, healing, learning, and fun,

Congratulations on your decision to change your life!

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