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CLASSES with Linda Grimm

Congratulations on your decision to change your life!


Let's Play! .

Join us for an amazing adventure into ThetaHealing®.  Receive personalized attention in a safe and supportive environment filled with the energy of unconditional love and fun.

Wondering how to afford the life investment for classes?  Wondering how to find the time to take the classes?  Experience a small taste of The ThetaHealing® Technique right now by allowing me to have the Source energy provide you with beliefs and feelings that will help you manifest what you need.

Try This!

What I have found is that students taking both the Basic and Advanced classes within a short time of each other have so many beliefs cleared so quickly that they easily thrive and become successful in their healing adventures.  Consequently, I have been guided to offer the Basic and Advanced within a couple of weeks of each other to encourage the most profound shifts in the shortest timeframe.  Students who take the classes together develop deep and long-lasting bonds and have "built-in" partners with which to practice.  They trust on another.  They truly know one another in a very personal way.  You will have a short time between classes to integrate the shifts gracefully and in a balanced and harmonious way.  You will also get a sense of what you need to practice and where you may need more hands-on personalized assistance.  And, for my students, I offer a wonderful opportunity to have sessions at a fraction of the normal investment - just in case you have something you want to work on after class - for three months.  If you are ready to really change your life for the better, take that next step into closer connection with Source, with your own soul wisdom. 

The Basic class will give you the skill set and the understandings.  The Advanced will catapult that understanding by literally hundreds and hundreds of downloads and clearings that Creator will do for you - specific to your needs and desires - and facilitated by me.


To Be Determined Basic DNA
To Be Determined Advanced DNA

What You Will Learn: Get Specifics for Basic!
Get Specifics for Advanced!
Prequisites: Basic -Desire to change your life for the better!!
Advanced - Basic DNA
Location: North Raleigh, North Carolina
Details to follow with registration.
Times: Friday 1 - 7 pm
Saturday 9 - 5 pm
Sunday 9 - 5 pm
Deposit: $300 to reserve your space, first come, first served; (remainder of $700 due byTo Be Determined due to travel and lodging considerations for participants)

(non-refundable unless classes cancelled - may transfer to another class)

Deposit will ensure your space in the class, and with your permission, Creator will begin to prepare you for the class - explained via email..
Life Investment: $1000 (includes deposit and manual)
Proof of purchase of the book ThetaHealing and Advanced ThetaHealing by Vianna Stibal must be shown to graduate.

Value Added:

You will be a certified ThetaHealer® when you graduate from the Basic class. With that certification, you are able to promote your business on the official ThetaHealing® website with worldwide exposure. Graduation from the Advanced class will provide you with the clearings and understandings needed to thrive and succeed at ThetaHealing.

You will be a certified ThetaHealer® when you graduate.

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Space provided, all of my students may re-take the class for a donation of choice.

Personalized attention.

Personal ThetaHealing® sessions and/or mentoring at a special rate of $71 for three months for students.

Register Online: Contact me before paying.  Thank you!
Pay With Paypal:
Pay In Full

Need Lodging?
Linda Grimm
Thank You!


Still unsure about taking a class? Read my personal note to you.


Want to become a ThetaHealer®?
Let me know and I'll get you started.

Certified ThetaHealer

You will be a certified ThetaHealer®
after the Basic class!



Already a ThetaHealer®?
Enhance and refine your skills by re-taking the class at half the investment.

Are You a People Person?
Get a group of people to sign up for classes (and attend), and get your tuition paid as a reward. Email me for details.

Have a Great Location for Classes and a Group That Wants to Attend?
Find out about hosting a class and the benefits of doing that. Email me for details.



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Classes Coming Up

To Be Determined
To Be Determined
To Be Determined
Please contact me for direct notification of new classes and/or of interest in classes.


Let's Play!

Unsure about taking a class,
read my personal note to you.




It is hard to know where to even start, so, I will start with Linda the teacher. Notice that I said teacher rather than instructor. Linda makes the learning of Theta fun and effortless. She welcomes your questions, in turn, asks the perfect questions to facilitate awareness and growth around all her students’ learning and development. She fosters a nourishing atmosphere to stimulate openness among the students and the students and herself that brings ease and grace to the whole Theta process.

Linda, the healer, is nothing sort of amazing. She is gentle, kind and compassionate, and, at the same time, incredibly insightful. She is masterful in asking the questions that lead you to the core of your issue(s), yet allows you to experience the “Aha” moment and release whatever the beliefs are that are holding you from moving on with your life expanding your feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude.

So, whether you want to explore Theta as an instrument to healing yourself or others, or you simply want to clear beliefs in your life that no longer serve you, I can honestly recommend Linda. She will support your journey in every way that you will allow with the maximum understanding, loving kindness and compassion. I don’t know what you are waiting for!
E. A.

Linda, if you hadn't been my Theta teacher for the first classes, I don't think I would have continued.  I needed the softness and warmth that you embody to get through my fear.  You have made and are making an enormous difference in my life.  Your teaching the classes profited me immensely.  I am grateful!!! 
Cassandra Cunningham
Charlottesville, Virginia

Both ThetaHealing Workshops, Basic and Advanced, were absolutely wonderful! Linda has such a gentle and beautiful energy. She radiates Love and "Sparkles".  I really had no idea what to expect at the first Theta class.  I read some of the books beforehand, but the book does not really explain the magic that happens in class and with the healings.  The class was so healing.  I got hurt on my back between classes and almost did not make it to the second day of class.  I'm so glad I went.  Nobody could keep me away from learning ThetaHealing.  I literally dragged myself to class.  I could hardly walk or drive that day.  My life changed drastically since I took the class with Linda.  It gave me courage to change things in my life that don't match my vibration anymore.  We also did a healing in class for my cat, who had radiation that same week.  My cat is thriving in his new environment.  I love practicing ThetaHealing on my friends.  They are all amazed what ThetaHealing can do.

Learning to work with Creator through Linda is the best investment anyone can make.  I highly recommend a ThetaHealing® session or a class with Linda. 

Thank you LInda, I thank Creator who brought you in my life at the right time!
Claudia W.




Certified ThetaHealer

You will be a certified ThetaHealer®
after taking the Basic class!



Gift to you!
More Options and Benefits

Already a ThetaHealer® (taken classes with me) and want to re-new your skills? Re-take any class for a donation of choice, space permitting.

Already a ThetaHealer® (with another teacher) but want to re-new your skills?  Re-take any class for half the investment, space permitting. 

Want to re-certify as a ThetaHealing® practitioner?  Contact me about being a class assistant and obtaining your official re-certification.




Healing happens on many levels and in many different ways... learn how to help yourself and others with ThetaHealing®...


Read about what you will learn.
(in the Basic class)