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Hi and welcome!  I hope you've enjoyed reading about The ThetaHealing® Technique.  And, I hope that now you are ready to experience The ThetaHealing® Technique for yourself.  How can I help?

Email me to let me know that you want to schedule.  We'll go from there! Since this is energetic and spiritual work, it can be done with you relaxing in the comfort of your home.  It is quick.  It is effective. And you don't have to re-live unhappy times to heal.  It is effective for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing.  It heals on the core, genetic, history, and spiritual levels of being.  Take a chance that your life really can change. 
Happy Exploring! Quantum Healing at it's very best!

I offer ThetaHealing® sessions to change your life as follows:
(Please note, all session investments are due 24 hours before a scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the appointment will be re-scheduled.)

(Investment amounts are in US$ and are subject to the exchange rate at the time of booking. )

  • Session
    These 1 hour sessions will allow you the opportunity to accomplish major life changes.  All the beliefs and subconscious programs are interrelated.  You may find that working on one belief uncovers other beliefs that no longer serve you. For that reason, a multiple session incentive is offered. 

Try a session and if you find it beneficial and you'd like to do more, I will offer you a Five Session Special rate.  Purchase four sessions at your leisure, but within one year, and the fifth session will be my gift to you. That's the equivalent of paying $100 per session for five sessions or a 20% savings per session. Sessions within a family may be combined to take advantage of this special rate.

Life & Health Investment
$ 125


  • Express Session
    Sometimes, you just need a bit of assistance. Sometimes, the emotional component may be too strong to allow you to face it by yourself. Or perhaps a prior healing uncovered another tangential belief that you would like to clear. For these times, an "express session" is appropriate. Express sessions last 30 minutes. The ThetaHealing® Technique is extremely fast and effective. Rest assured that you can have a healing and get to the bottom belief in that amount of time.
    Life & Health Investment
    $ 71


  • Pet Sessions
    Our precious pets mean so much to us.  We want them to be happy and healthy. The ThetaHealing® Technique is a very gentle way to help them.  The energy is always specific to them and what they will allow and can handle.  They do not have to be still or even be present for the healing to take place.  Pet sessions are exceptionally successful when the owner also has a session.  As owners shift and change, it can easily impact the family pets. We will arrange a time for the session and a detailed email report will be sent to you upon completion. Suggestions for the family will also be provided, if appropriate and applicable.
    Pet Investment
    $ 125


  • Transitioning
    As an ordained minister and a former professional in the area of aging and family caregiving, I offer assistance with transitioning.  As a lifetime comes to an end, people often have unresolved issues - especially around relationships.  That lack of resolution and closure often causes undue hardship on both the person dying and the family.  The person may also be in a lot of pain.  Those are areas where The ThetaHealing® Technique can help smooth the way for closure and peace.
  • Transitioning
    $ 125


  • Student Sessions and Mentoring
    I truly want my ThetaHealing® students to understand this information and to clear their limiting beliefs.  Sometimes, students have very personal issues that they prefer to handle outside the classroom setting.  I want to be there for my students. Sometimes, a student wants personalized instruction and direction to excelerate his or her progression and connection to Source.  I want to be available. As a gift to my students, I offer a special rate for three months from the time of taking the Basic class for the first time. I offer this in appreciation and honor of their journey and in appreciation of being chosen as their teacher for this amazing path of enlightenment and connection. Sessions are one hour.
    Student Mentoring
    $ 71

  • ThetaHealing® Mentoring for Practitioners
    As you grow with your experience in ThetaHealing®, you may find that you have questions or that you would like someone to walk you through some of the practices learned.  Or, perhaps you have a new client and you would like assistance with finding the right beliefs and downloads.  I can help.  Mentoring may be just the thing to give you an edge on establishing yourself as a ThetaHealer® . I will customize our time based on your needs.
  • Life & Health Investment
    $ 125


  • ThetaHealing® for Businesses
    No matter what business you're in, The ThetaHealing® Technique can help.  If you are interested in increasing productivity, cooperation, understanding, and staff satisfaction, give me a call.  Worker retention, healthy employees, shared goals, company presentation, staff motivation - everything is possible.  Let's customize a learning and enhancement program designed specifically for your needs and goals.


Transform your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health with grace and ease - without trauma, drama, or illness.  Sounds perfect, doesn't it?  I can help through connecting the highest part of you with the healing and transformational power of the Divine source energy that moves through all life.  You choose, I facilitate.  You direct, I assist.  You paint the beautiful canvas that is you for all to see and admire. I'll show you how. Worth doing?  I think so!  Join me on this journey of exploration and healing.  You'll be glad you did...

May you be blessed with wonder, awe, joy, good abundance, good health, and perfect alignment with Divine truth, purpose, love, and grace.  And, good Theta energy!

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Linda Grimm is ThetaHealing.  She has the innate ability to connect and see what you need to move forward gracefully to new levels of being.  Her gifts can help you shift, clear, or change old habits, beliefs, and distorted realities that are no longer serving you and/or causing illness in your physical body.   Her ThetaHealing skills are at such a high level that working with her will raise your physical vibration and give you a deep sense of control in what is happening in your life.  She does her work with such awesome tenderness and caring that you will know and feel that the Divine energy of the Creator is flowing through her and healing you.  I highly recommend her as a practitioner and teacher.

Love & Light,
Sharon Carr



From the moment that I met Linda Grimm I knew that she was an extraordinarily gifted soul.  She is a wonderful practitioner, teacher, mentor, and friend.  She has not only helped me in ways beyond description, she has also helped my family and my two cats in many ways.  She is a true blessing and I am so grateful for all that she does and shares with the world!

Lycrecia Goodson
Certified ThetaHealer®
Certified ThetaHealing® Teacher
Concord, NC



Remember, unless a ThetaHealer® is also trained as a medical doctor or medical professional, they do not provide medical advice or diagnosis.  If you need the assistance of any medical professional, please arrange for that and do not discontinue that service until you feel that it is in your best interest.

The ThetaHealing® Technique is a form of meditation and prayer while connected to the Theta brainwave state. The healing is facilitated between the Creator of All There Is and the client.