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Our beliefs and memories are held within our minds - both conscious and subconscious. The shock and trauma that can be caused by those beliefs is held within the cells in our bodies.  Those beliefs and memories affect how we react and what we think as life happens around us.  If those beliefs are flawed or based on information that is not truth, it harms the body.  And just imagine how hurts, sorrows, disappointments, regrets, etc. held in the cells might impact your reactions and beliefs about the life you experience.

The ThetaHealing® Technique is about changing those beliefs and removing those stored memories and feelings.  Doing that repairs the energy fields and energy channels allowing the life energy to flow unimpeded and as intended.  Removing blocks to the free flow of your Source energy allows you to to show the full beautiful reflection of who you are. 

When energy flows freely and in harmony with your body, disease cannot happen.  And, existing disease can be healed, sometimes instantaneously.  The balance and flow of your Source energy impacts your life experience directly and tangibly. Healing that energy flow opens the way to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual vitality and health and enables you to make prosperity, good health, and a wonderful life be your norm.

ThetaHealing® is a technique that:

  • clears the energy field surrounding the body
  • clears blocks to the free flow of energy throughout the body
  • identifies the beliefs causing the energy blockages and heaviness
  • replaces old limiting beliefs with new and beneficial ones
  • identifies the feelings associated with the unhelpful beliefs
  • pulls those feelings at the cellular level and from the etheric energy field of the body
  • reprograms the cellular receptors to attract the positive
  • teaches you how to live without the unhelpful beliefs and feelings
  • teaches you how to live with the new helpful beliefs and feelings
  • teaches you feelings that you may have never before experienced - like the feeling of true joy and the feeling of unconditional love anchored within every cell of your body
  • allows you to learn what it feels like to be fully functioning as a Divine being in a human body, fully aware of all your capabilities and potential, and fully experiencing health and good abundance and joy in each moment

All this is done through the healer accessing a theta brainwave state and using the Source energy to co-create change through the ThetaHealing® technique.  Your thoughts created your reality.  Some of those are subconscious thoughts.  By finding out what those thoughts are and learning to control your conscious mind, you can change your reality.  Your thoughts influence your energy flow and pathways and whether or not the flow is blocked and stagnant or free and working as intended. Change your thoughts and you will change your reality.

The ThetaHealing® Technique is not magic; it is not a secret. The technique is consistent with quantum physics and quantum mechanics. How The ThetaHealing® Technique works can be explained by discoveries in these sciences.  It takes those scientific understandings and expands them into practical reality.  In other words, what good is a scientific principle if you can't then use it in a way that serves you. The ThetaHealing® Technique takes ideas that mystics and thinkers have been talking about for ages and gives you the practical steps to achieve them - to have them in your life right now - to create your reality and to be the leader of your life instead of a follower.  That's worth doing, isn't it?  I think so!  Find out for yourself..

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