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Intuitiative Anatomy


What if you could be the camera's eye as it made it's way through the corridors of the body, flowing with the blood cells, examining the internal organs up close and personal, seeing the connector sites as chemical messengers are sent from the brain to the various body parts? What if that was what you could offer your clients and friends as a way to identify the most efficient place to begin a healing?

The ThetaHealing® Intuitive Anatomy course takes the student on an intuitive journey through the body to meet the systems and organs and to explore the beliefs and emotions that are often associated with "dis-ease" of each one. Students learn how to intuitively scan the body from the inside. They learn how to interpret what they see and how to use that information as they then apply that to prior ThetaHealing® techniques they have learned in the prerequisite classes. This class is designed for the student who is serious about using the ThetaHealing® technique to facilitate healings on a physical level as well as an emotional level. The more a ThetaHealer® knows about how the body works and what it looks like inside, the easier it will be for him or her to understand the intuitive visuals they will see and to then be able to apply that knowledge. Is it necessary to successfully perform a Theta healing? No because the practitioner facilitates healings; the Creator is the healer. But, it helps the practitioner explain to the person needing healing what is happening. And, in cases where people have not been successful in determining what is wrong, the skills developed may help the practitioner guide the person in the right direction.

The teacher will help the student learn about:

  • how the body works
  • associated beliefs of each system and organ & organisms
    • atoms, microbes, parasites
    • skeletal system
    • endocrine system
    • digestive system
    • respiratory system
    • heart and circulatory system
    • lymphatic system
    • excretory and sexual systems
    • muscles
    • nervous system
    • skin
    • eyes
    • brain
    • ears
    • the body as a whole
  • nutrition
  • detoxification
  • more on thoughts impacting health
  • a beginning look at specific diseases and associated beliefs (to be explored further and more in-depth in the Disease & Disorders course)
  • and much more...

Every day, students will watch a short movie from "Body Story by Discovery". These movies offer practical information on physical anatomy with real-life situations and beautiful animation that help a student understand what the body looks like from within.

As with all ThetaHealing® courses, there is a lot of hands-on practice time with other students to give everyone an opportunity to try the new techniques and see for themselves how they work. Additionally, students continue to clear their own beliefs and programs as they learn about the body systems and are taught what beliefs typically are associated with them. Vianna says, "This class is designed for the Creator to groom healers." Will you accept the challenge?


Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing®
Note: Make sure you understand the basics and can easily obtain the theta state before taking this class. It will make it much more meaningful. The class covers a lot of material and it would not serve you to have to re-visit the basics as you learn the new material.

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