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Manifesting and Abundance


Now this is the class lots of people want to take!

Four Leaf Clover

Is your life as you know it just luck or was it by design?

What if it was possible to, by the power of your own thoughts, design your life to your exact specifications? Well, guess what, you already do! But wait, you say... I didn't choose this; I wouldn't choose this in my life. But, you see, you've been having random uncontrolled thoughts your entire life. The energy of those thoughts not only directs your future but they combine with the energy of the thoughts of others to design the reality of the masses. Uh-oh you say? Well, now that you know you can begin to change your life.

What is it that you want in your life? Most people don't really know. They have a vague idea or a general concept such as "I want more money." There are classes of many types that promote techniques for manifesting. The most common is a technique called visualization. Another is where you write down what you want and say it and read it over and over and over. Are they successful techniques? They can be. However, being in a theta state (according to Vianna Stibal the founder of ThetaHealing®) while manifesting will increase the chances of a manifestation to 80-90%. The spoken word is effective 30-40% of the time and visualizing is effective 50% of the time. Which would you choose?

In this class, you will be taught:

  • the importance of your thoughts and words and actions
  • the importance of knowing specifically what you want
  • how to manifest through the 7th plane with clear defined goals
  • what not to ask for and why
  • what you have to do to support your manifesting and make it a reality
  • how to protect your ideas from sabotage
  • Divine timing - what it is and how to align with it and why it is important
  • how to set boundaries; what kind; why they are needed; how to do it
  • the concept of energy exchange
  • how to "remember your future"
  • how to charge all around you, including inanimate objects to support your goals

You will also find and release beliefs and programs that block the flow of abundance in your life. Many may be from your childhood and you may not know you have them. For example, your parents may have been very successful in their careers but they fought with each other a lot. You, as a small child, might draw the conclusion that to be successful in a career means that your home life will not be successful. How many of those types of programs and beliefs do you have running in your subconscious? Can you see how that might negatively impact your ability to be successful at a career that would bring financial gain into your life?

And you thought it was just luck! Come join us and change your future.


Prerequisites: Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing®

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