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Especially for Men

Men, are you wondering if you should take a ThetaHealing® class? Ladies, are you concerned that The ThetaHealing® Technique isn't "manly" enough for your friend or loved one?  Wonder no more!

Many men like to be able to "fix" problems.  They like to be in charge.  They like to be able to offer what they know to help others without sharing their innermost feelings. They like quick results (as we all do!)...

So, how does this relate to The ThetaHealing® Technique?  This technique takes energetic healing to the next level and works on beliefs and feelings.  At first glance, this might not appeal to a person who is not comfortable sharing feelings.  I would offer that it would be perfect.  Why?  Because, when you learn this technique, you can work on yourself quite easily. You might be able to equate it to being able to "be your own therapist".  Think about it.  You have an issue.  You don't want to share that knowledge with anyone else.  If you knew The ThetaHealing® Technique , you could deal with it quite successfully by yourself.  And, what you will probably find is that, with the clearing of beliefs, you become much more comfortable with sharing your feelings.  That will open up an entirely new range of experience for you. This holds true for helping members of your family as well. You will be trained to help them in private and confidentially.

Then, there is the issue of energetic healing being "unscientific" - too "woo-woo", too "out there" .  Science may have not been able to explain why it worked before (for hundreds of thousands of years) but, they can now.  There are scientific studies that can show why it works.  Many people, both men and women, want to know that they are spending their money wisely.  You'd feel comfortable knowing what you were paying to learn was based in science, wouldn't you? 

Even the government is beginning to recognize the value of energetic healing. Studies are currently underway, and many scientists are independently exploring this "new" field of science.  Continuing education credit for nurses is offered for Reiki and massage therapists can get CEUs for both Reiki and The ThetaHealing® Technique .  Many hospitals throughout the U.S. allow energy healers to assist cancer patients as a hospital endorsed adjunct therapy.  In my area of the country, this includes the University of North Carolina Medical System and Duke University Medical System (system being their network of hospitals).  That's pretty credible, don't you think?

Energy healers of all types are needed. What is comfortable for one person might not work for another.  Masculine energy brought to a healing session by a male healer could be just what someone needs to be able to relate to energetic healing.  And, some men like to learn from other men.  So, give all this some thought. 

Group of People

And, don't forget the economics of it all!  Learning how to do The ThetaHealing® Technique for yourself and others is very economical.  As issues arise, you will be able to address them yourself or in concert with one of your ThetaHealing® friends that you met in class.  Over time, this could save you money. 

Just think of how impressed your family and friends will be that you can offer such a valuable and powerful healing technique. That's taking charge and looking out for yourself and your family. It doesn't get more manly than that!

I would love to share this wonderful avenue of exploration and healing with you.


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ThetaHealing® is:

  • private and confidential
  • based within scientific principles and in line with current studies of quantum physics and quantum mechanics
  • becoming accepted as an adjunct therapy for hospital patients
  • quick
  • effective
  • easy to learn; easy to do
  • a way to change and heal health, emotional, and spiritual problems
  • a technique you can use for yourself, your family, your friends, your pets - in private and confidentially
  • in need of men practitioners and teachers