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Pets and ThetaHealing

We love them don't we!  We treat them like family - because they are!  They round out our family, give us unconditional love at all times, and connect us with a larger part of who we are.  They're the best! 

So, when one of our four-legged friends (or two-legged or whatever!) has an issue, we want to help them just as we would want to help ourselves.  That's where ThetaHealing® comes in!  The ThetaHealing® Technique works beautifully and gently on pets.  And why wouldn't it?  The ThetaHealing® Technique is facillitated by the practitioner but the actual healing is done by the Source energy that flows through all life. 

As with people, belief work can also be completed with pets.  However, since the digging process is not applicable in the same way, it is helpful for the practitioner to be experienced and to have had the Intuitive Anatomy and Disease & Disorders classes. Since pets can draw disease to them just as people do, it follows that the beliefs associated with diseases and disorders would be fairly consistent between pets and people. 

Another thing to note is that pets love us unconditionally.  They can sense when we have a serious medical condition.  Sometimes they choose to "take on our issues" to spare us the pain.  You can release your pet so that the choice they make is not automatic, but conscious.  You can also convey to them whether or not you would like for them to help you in such a way.  Obviously, this is better done before they make such a choice.  It is one of the highest displays of unconditional love.  But, if you're like me, if you had beliefs that are attracting disease, you would want to clear them and take on the implications yourself.  Otherwise, what would keep the same thing (or something similar) from happening again?  What a waste it would be for your pet to sacrifice itself for you and for you to not clear the underlying belief!

Two Wonderful Rescue DogsThat is not to say that every time your pet gets sick or has an issue that you are the underlying cause!  But, it is something to bear in mind.  I have found that when owners shift and change, so do their pets. Sometimes a ThetaHealing® session for the owner works as well as a ThetaHealing® session for the pet.  Now don't start wondering, (as I did!!), whether every pet who has come and gone in your life did so because of you.  That wouldn't be helpful!  Just know and be aware and understand that The ThetaHealing® Technique is available to you and your pet as an option. I'm glad, aren't you?

As a footnote: The ThetaHealing® Technique , as you might expect, is also a great resource for livestock as well.  There are no limits; no boundaries.  Your beliefs are the only things that limit you.  Consider that and choose how to move forward and how to change those beliefs to bring into your life exactly what you want - including a wonderful and healthy life for your pets.

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I have another jewel for your Theta Crown..... My dogs have stopped marking their space in my house.....Linda, this has been an ongoing problem for many years....3 male dogs....But about 2 weeks ago it stopped....just stopped.....I know it is the work you are doing and that even though it has been focused on Pookie, they are all benefitting and so am I ....you have no idea what this means to me.
Thank you angel!!!!
Cyndi Norris
The Angel's Touch