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Usually, a person coming for a ThetaHealing® session has a concern or issue with which they would like help. The practitioner will talk to the client to find out what concern he or she wants to work on. As the client discusses the situation, the practitioner will connect to the theta energy to facilitate the process. The practitioner will ask questions about the situation to help find the limiting and unhelpful beliefs.

The practitioner will pull the old non-helpful beliefs while in a theta brainwave state - the state experienced right before sleep - a deep meditative state. New helpful beliefs will be given or "downloaded" with the consent of the client. This is done through a co-creative process with the Source energy resulting in the removal of energetic blocks so that the life force within flows unimpeded and as intended. Healing happens on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.  It also happens on the core, genetic, history, and soul levels of your being.

Beliefs build up, over time, one perched upon another like a house of cards. If the bottom belief is identified and pulled, the entire structure will come tumbling down - as will all the beliefs.  So, find the bottom or core belief and pull it and all the related beliefs that are contributing to the concern or issue will also be pulled. Their building block belief no longer exists so they have no power and are pulled with the core belief.

If the core belief is pulled but it appears that the issue is not resolved, the practitioner will look for teachings that are needed to impact the acceptance of the healing. An example would be a teaching on how to live without the belief or that it is safe to live without it or even possible to live without it. If your ego, which is there to protect you, didn't know how to keep you safe without a particular belief, of course there would be resistance to letting it go.  Make sense? 

How do you find the core belief?  You do that by using a process called “digging”.  Digging has it’s roots in psychotherapy.  It is a process of asking how a feeling or belief makes you feel or what would happen if the belief played itself out. This helps uncover the core belief.  A little digging can be quite insightful and can make the ThetaHealing® process go very quickly.  Digging can also be done on yourself.  Consequently, ThetaHealing® is an excellent self-healing technique.

How do you know when you’ve gotten to a core belief?  ThetaHealers® use a type of applied kinesiology called energy testing to help show the client what beliefs are operating.  Your cells communicate with each other.  They receive instructions from chemical and electromagnetic signals sent out by the brain in response to your thoughts and beliefs. Kinesiology can test to see whether or not your body believes something to be true by testing the strength of your muscles which are impacted by the chemical and electromagnetic signals your brain sends. You may be surprised at what your body believes to be true even if your rational mind does not!  From there, the practitioner can lead the client to uncover core beliefs that are causing the concern or issue. Core beliefs often prompt emotions.  Practitioners are trained to be able to spot when a client is approaching a core belief.  Energy testing may also be done afterward to check that the belief has cleared.  Practitioners also connect to the theta energy during this process. This deep meditative state helps them to know if core beliefs have been reached. But, don't worry! The practitioner will still be able to talk to you and interact with you during this process. It's like having a conversation with a very good friend - only better because you are on your way to changing your life.

Your subconscious mind communicates with your body and sends “chemical and electromagnetic commands” or information all the time. 



With belief work, you can identify the subconscious programs running in the background, determine if they serve you well, and then either enhance the ones you want or delete the ones you don’t. What a wonderful concept!


The practitioner will also pull related feelings that no longer serve you that are stored within your cells – anger, hate, resentment, regret, remorse, etc. – and change them to unconditional love, understanding, peace, joy, and discernment - or whatever else you need.  And how do you know what you need?  The theta brainwave state allows the practitioner to connect to Source energy - the dynamic beautiful life-giving energy that flows through all life - that energy that is called God, Yahweh, Buddha, Jesus, Goddess, Shiva, the Oneness, the Divine Light, Allah, or whatever name a person prefers. From this heightened state of awareness and connection, intuitive abilities are enhanced and information flows easily and readily - information that can identify core beliefs. Through this connection and by using the digging technique, what no longer serves you can be uncovered and changed.

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What happens when people don’t appear to heal? 

It should be understood that not seeing an immediate visible indication of a healing doesn't mean that something hasn't shifted and changed. Sometimes a person has to be taught what a healing feels like and how to accept it to be able to change. Sometimes they have to be taught what love feels like and that they are worthy to heal and change their life for the better. When people don't appear to heal it is an indication that either the condition serves the person, that the core or bottom belief has not yet been pulled, or that additional teachings are needed.  It can also mean that the body is being impacted by toxicity and needs to be cleansed. Nutritional supplements and dietary changes can be the final touch to allow the clear and full flow of the person's life energy.

This technique will work for anyone who has a belief in a higher power and wants to change. There are no mantras, no rituals - only a desire to change on the part of the client and the facilitation of the ThetaHealing® process by the practitioner resulting in the unblocking of the flow of Source energy. Since this is energetic and spiritual work, a healing can be received in the comfort of your own home with your chosen practitioner located anywhere in the world.

And remember, you are in charge. Nothing is ever facilitated that you do not consciously agree to.  It's your life.  It's your future. You direct the dance. You direct the forward movement of your life and your experiences. You and the Source energy.


* In ThetaHealing®, we use the term “downloading” as a metaphor for the gift of clear understanding and change that comes to us from the Creator of All There Is, the energy of the Divine that runs through all life.  It denotes the special connection of a practitioner/teacher, a client/student, and the Creator as change is happening in the moment.  It is fast.  It is effective.  You will be able to use applied kinesiology to test whether or not change has occurred.  Additionally, you will probably feel the change as it happens as an enjoyable tingling sensation within your body and a feeling of peacefulness and relaxation overall.  Properly facilitated, the process works every time on some level.

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