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At some point in experiencing the amazing benefits and ease of The ThetaHealing® Technique, you may decide that you would like to teach. Vianna Stibal, the founder, has opened the ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge (THInK) in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

A practitioner can become certified as an instructor for any individual class or all of the classes. Vianna herself teaches all the instructor classes, except World Relations, at the Institute. At the completion of any individual teacher class, you will then be certified to teach the class according to guidlines set by Vianna. Should you choose to become certified in more classes, at the completion of the course work, you will become designated as a ThetaHealing® Master and/or receive a ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science. These classes reinforce the lessons learned in each class and help ensure that each practitioner desiring to teach has the skills and knowledge needed to offer the classes as given to Vianna from the Creator. That way, new students receive the information as intended and in a way that they can understand and begin to use.

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