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People like to know what others are saying.  They like to feel comfortable with a new person and/or a new healing method.  Therefore, testimonials can help.  I offer a few to offer you insight into what others think about my classes and sessions.

It is hard to know where to even start, so, I will start with Linda the teacher. Notice that I said teacher rather than instructor. Linda makes the learning of Theta fun and effortless. She welcomes your questions, in turn, asks the perfect questions to facilitate awareness and growth around all her students’ learning and development. She fosters a nourishing atmosphere to stimulate openness among the students and the students and herself that brings ease and grace to the whole Theta process.

Linda, the healer, is nothing sort of amazing. She is gentle, kind and compassionate, and, at the same time, incredibly insightful. She is masterful in asking the questions that lead you to the core of your issue(s), yet allows you to experience the “Aha” moment and release whatever the beliefs are that are holding you from moving on with your life expanding your feelings of happiness, joy and gratitude.

So, whether you want to explore Theta as an instrument to healing yourself or others, or you simply want to clear beliefs in your life that no longer serve you, I can honestly recommend Linda. She will support your journey in every way that you will allow with the maximum understanding, loving kindness and compassion. I don’t know what you are waiting for!

E. A.

Both ThetaHealing Workshops, Basic and Advanced, were absolutely wonderful! Linda has such a gentle and beautiful energy. She radiates Love and "Sparkles".  I really had no idea what to expect at the first Theta class.  I read some of the books beforehand, but the book does not really explain the magic that happens in class and with the healings.  The class was so healing.  I got hurt on my back between classes and almost did not make it to the second day of class.  I'm so glad I went.  Nobody could keep me away from learning ThetaHealing.  I literally dragged myself to class.  I could hardly walk or drive that day.  My life changed drastically since I took the class with Linda.  It gave me courage to change things in my life that don't match my vibration anymore.  We also did a healing in class for my cat, who had radiation that same week.  My cat is thriving in his new environment.  I love practicing ThetaHealing on my friends.  They are all amazed what ThetaHealing can do.

Learning to work with Creator through Linda is the best investment anyone can make.  I highly recommend a ThetaHealing session or a class with LInda.

Thank you LInda, I thank Creator who brought you in my life at the right time!
Claudia W.

I took Theta Basic and Theta Advanced with Linda in early 2013.  Linda is very passionate and enthusiastic about ThetaHealing and clearly loves to share this wonderful healing technique with others. She is very devoted to each individual student and goes out of her way to ensure they have what they need to succeed with Theta.  Her teaching style is very easy going and flexible - I love how she incorporates her own personal stories as examples where appropriate and I also love to hear about her own opinions.  She is always respectful of others and very patient.  She follows up with each student after the class and offers her guidance if asked.  I now consider her as both a teacher and a friend and I would recommend her classes to anyone that is ready to learn about Theta and how it can help them heal their own lives and others.

Patricia Baker
Shamans Healing Circle

After reading Vianna Stibal's book, Theta Healing, I knew I needed a teacher to bring Theta Healing to life for me. I meditated putting the desire out into the universe, "Bring the perfect teacher for me!" Two mornings later as I mediated, I suddenly knew the teacher was available and I could easily find her. Within a few minutes, I had found Linda Grimm's website and within an hour had signed up for the Basic, Advanced and Manifesting Theta Healing courses with her.

I have been a CPA for over 25 years and the thought of moving into being a Theta Healer was close to terrifying for me and yet I trusted this strong inner guidance. Linda was the teacher I needed and I was to fully embrace this new adventure.

Linda's classes were gentle but strong and direct. I felt supported and encouraged. Her connection with Creator was clear and with her guidance, mine also cleared. I was safe. I knew what safety meant; I was unconditionally loved, I knew what unconditional love meant; I was accepted as I was, I knew what acceptance meant. I left the classes feeling a new ease and power permeating my entire life.

Since the classes, Linda has helped me to further let go of the "burden of life". Her direct knowing that "everything is possible" continues to help me dissolve the limitations of fear, the lifetimes of habitual belief. Either I believe it is possible or I don't-that simple-is what she says. I believe joy, connection, love are possible, that those things are in my life now and that life can and is becoming more filled with those qualities every day. Linda has demonstrated that for me, shown me the way, and I am grateful.

Cassandra Cunningham

The Theta Healing workshops (Basic, Advanced and Manifestation) that I attended at Durham, NC were taught by Linda Grimm.   

First , I have to acknowledge the beautiful energy flow that happened during the entire workshop. Linda maintained the energy in such a high vibration of love that made everything that had to happen, happen.

I, personally, had a very important breakthrough one afternoon that improved substantially my life and my concept of "Truth".

 Linda's vision and expertise of "digging" through the beliefs helped us to see what was hidden behind our thoughts and feelings and at the same time we were learning how to conduct a "digging" in a client. She was patient, loving and taught us how to deal with our own beliefs and clear them so we could become a happier and whole person and a better healer.

The whole workshop was done in a nice and friendly atmosphere among the participants. Linda brought some friends that were Theta Healers to help us to learn as if they were regular clients and we would be doing readings, healings and clearing beliefs on them. I am so thankful for all of them because besides their experience they also brought beautiful love vibration as well.

If I had to summarize what this workshop meant to me I would say that I was introduced to the most beautiful  and powerful energy. This energy is called Love.

Love and Light,
Anuzia C.B. Rodriguez

I was guided to Linda for mentoring in ThetaHealing.  We spent a delightful, educational, and blessed afternoon together in the beginning of January.  

The fine tuning, the affirmations, her positive and gentle nature helped me tremendously.  Yes, even we healers need further guidance and confidence at times.

My practice is based on the client's needs.  With Linda, we made sure that my I's were dotted and T's crossed. She is wonderful, gentle and gracious; so perfect for me.  I am proud to have her as my mentor.

Namaste, Pat
Channel for Healing: "Stress Relief & Holistic Therapies"
Pat Vlach, Master Energy Healer: Reiki Master Teacher®, Shamballa Master Healer®, ThetaHealer®, Shamanic Healer®, Intuitive
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Linda Grimm is ThetaHealing.  She has the innate ability to connect and see what you need to move forward gracefully to new levels of being.  Her gifts can help you shift, clear, or change old habits, beliefs, and distorted realities that are no longer serving you and/or causing illness in your physical body.   Her ThetaHealing skills are at such a high level that working with her will raise your physical vibration and give you a deep sense of control in what is happening in your life.  She does her work with such awesome tenderness and caring that you will know and feel that the Divine energy of the Creator is flowing through her and healing you.  I highly recommend her as a practitioner and teacher.

Love & Light,
Sharon Carr

From the moment that I met Linda Grimm I knew that she was an extraordinarily gifted soul.  She is a wonderful practitioner, teacher, mentor, and friend.  She has not only helped me in ways beyond description, she has also helped my family and my two cats in many ways.  She is a true blessing and I am so grateful for all that she does and shares with the world!

Lycrecia Goodson
Certified ThetaHealer®
Certified ThetaHealing® Teacher
Cramerton, NC

I have another jewel for your Theta Crown..... My dogs have stopped marking their space in my house.....Linda, this has been an ongoing problem for many years....3 male dogs....But about 2 weeks ago it stopped....just stopped.....I know it is the work you are doing and that even though it has been focused on Pookie, they are all benefitting and so am I ....you have no idea what this means to me.
Thank you angel!!!!
Cyndi Norris
The Angel's Touch


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