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One of the wonderful things about ThetaHealing® is that it can work for anyone, whether they have had training or not.

Belief work and feeling work are cornerstones of ThetaHealing®.  Sometimes, people just want some relief and they are not yet ready to take a class.  For these people and for ThetaHealers® who want to enhance their skills, workshops are great. 

Workshops offer adjustments to limiting beliefs and feelings related to specific topics.  In a short timeframe for minimal investment, a person can clear hundreds (if not thousands) of beliefs that no longer serve them and that limit them.  Topics vary but popular ones are related to money, weight, relationships, and health. 

Workshops are not intended to teach people the ThetaHealing® technique.  They are intended to change limiting beliefs on the spot to allow people the space to make change in their lives.

The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge also offers workshops through certified teachers such as Soul Mates and RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight.   If those are being offered,  they will be listed here as well.  Happy learning!



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