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World Relations


What if you could help design the world we live in - impact global understanding, design a world where all of us, no matter what nationality, race, or religion, worked together for the highest good of all....

  • Where everyone was safe, everyone had food to eat, clothes to wear, shelter from the storm, and at least a few luxuries that made them happy...
  • With an earth so diverse, so magnificent, so bountiful - what would it be like to have a world where everyone could experience seeing a natural wonder of Mother Nature, a creation of God so exquisite that it takes his/her breath away...
  • Where all children are loved, nurtured and cared for...
  • Where all people are honored, respected and valued...
  • Where all cultures blend in harmony and balance...
  • Where there is no war, no hunger, no disease, no abuse, no jealousy, no resentment, no anger...
  • Where the joyful quality of a child's delight is a common occurrence for all...

That's the world you begin by allowing yourself to believe it is possible. That's the world you begin when you release the past prejudices, resentments, hatreds and biases against peoples, cultures, mores, religions, and values.

The ThetaHealing® World Relations course helps begin your journey of change - your world changing journey into co-creating a better world. Sound like something worth doing? You bet!

The world is a much smaller place now with the availability and frequency of travel and technology. It is important that we all understand each other and embrace each other in unconditional love - as humanity, as equals.

This course will help uncover deep-seated ancestral, historical, cultural beliefs and programs that hide in our subconscious and hide beneath layers of political correctness. With hands-on belief and feeling work (techniques learned in the prerequisite courses), students will uncover these often surprising beliefs and be able to release their hold and change them to beliefs better suited to a new world vision of acceptance and inclusion and compassion, all based on unconditional love. As Vianna says, "The World Relations Course is a powerful tool for removing inner and outer conflict in yourself towards others." Wouldn't that be lovely? Do you want join us? We invite you on this co-creative journey to a new tomorrow.


Prerequisites: ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced, and Intuitive Anatomy
or ThetaHealing® Basic, Advanced, Basic Teachers, and Advanced Teachers

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